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​Maritime Cognitive Decision Support System

The MARI-Sense project develops intelligent systems that allow human operators to make sense of the complex maritime environment for applications including transport and shipping, coastal tourism, search and rescue, and maritime spatial planning.

MARI-Sense is a strategic project for smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth with a beneficial impact on society, technology, and the economy, powered by the diverse capabilities of members of the quadruple helix and the general public.

The Project is co-financed with 1 Million Euros by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Research and Innovation Foundation with Grant Number INTEGRATED/0918/0032

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Sustaining the high activity levels of maritime and coastal tourism and maritime transport and shipping sectors in Cyprus, require: (a) smart management of the country’s limited capabilities and resources via Maritime Spatial Planning, and (b) agile response measures for preserving the natural environment, securing society, and ensuring economic growth.

MARI-Sense combines smart management and agile response capabilities into a family of cognitive systems equipped with perception, reasoning, learning, action, and intelligent resource allocation capabilities that enhance situational awareness under resource constraints imposed by the complex, wide-area, limited connectivity maritime environment.

Cognitive systems developed during the project include a suite of software for intelligent information collection and representation, a maritime laboratory equipped with wireless connectivity for testing maritime systems, an autonomous sea surface vehicle, and intelligent buoys. Cognitive maritime cyber-physical systems developed by MARI-Sense operate in synergy with human operators to "make sense" of the maritime environment.

The primary general objective of the MARI-Sense project is the integration and adaptation of existing know-how and the development of novel knowledge and skills to develop the MARI-Sense Cognitive Decision Support System for Maritime Activities Planning, Emergency Response and Planning, and Maritime Spatial Planning.


The secondary general objective is the development and implementation of strategies for smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth with a beneficial impact on the society, technology, and economy powered by the diverse capabilities of members of the quadruple helix and general public.

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This section includes relevant information and pictures from our most recent events. Our events mainly concern public engagement and outreach, information and research sessions on the progress of the project, as well as interactive workshops.

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We launched our 'kick-off' meeting with all of our partners to discuss everyone's contribution and general field of expertise in relation to MARI-Sense.


This event took place at the Limassol Nautical Club on 27th February 2020. Check out our event pictures here

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Some of our innovative approaches are highlighted in selected slides below.

Click here for our full presentation of our project.


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