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Dual Use Marine Technologies Workshop

MARI-Sense took part in the two-day annual workshop, organised by Frederick University, Maritime Institute of the Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus Marine & MaritimeInstitute, and RTD Talos Ltd.

The workshop was in an online format, delivered via Zoom.

On Day One (Wednesday, 9 December 2020 09:00 AM Nicosia), in a presentation thatwas led by the Principal Investigator, Dr Ioannis Kyriakides, MARI-Sense was presentedas a project that will enable the collaboration between members of the quadruple helix.

The link to other projects such as OS Aqua and STEAM was explained especially in termsof Marine Spatial Planning.

On Day Two (Thursday, 10 December 2020 9:00AM Nicosia), the positioning of sensing assets of other projects related to MARI-Lab was discussed.

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